This is the last full day of SJI and although the thought of boarding on a plane and leaving to Cancun as soon as this is over is exciting I can’t help but feel saddened by the coming end of this amazing experience. This experience has been one of learning, stress, laughter, and lots of dancing….


I cannot put into words how much I have loved being here and meeting all of the people I have, I definitely hope that the friendships we have made here surpass distance and continue to grow. I just want to say how much this has meant to me and how amazing you all are. 

photo credit to Kaly


Call me maybe

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen has officially been the soundtrack to this program….the song will be in the background of every one of my memories here…and I love it

Just when I was getting sick of it (as fate might have it) we got an assignment to make a music video and it just so happens that my team got assigned…..yup you guessed it Call Me Maybe. Making the video was so much fun mostly because it wasn’t anything like our other assignments we had room to fool around and not take it so seriously. I absolutely loved the end result because of its spontaneity and randomness…two things of which I am a huge fan of. Out video basically consists of out vary talented Dominic making boyband-inspired-moves at the camera and random people dancing…which in the end turned to be an amazing light-hearted adventure…and if I may say so myself it is a pretty fantastic video.

Roomates blogging together for a greater cause

This is not my usual blog post where I ramble on and on about my day or what I did…okay sortof. This is more about something I saw today that shocked and angered me…

I was going back to my dorm and ran into an elevator with people I don’t know from another program (which I will not name) and among them was a guy I had talked to once before a couple of days ago (let’s call him John Doe). “John” said hi to me and started asking about my day, I responded telling him some of the details when I was interrupted by a comment by one of the guys in the back. He started mimicking “John” and making fun of him right in front of him, after this “John” simply exited the elevator without any comment just making a joke to me as he left. After he left the guys started laughing and making fun of him murmuring a derogatory word starting with F under their breath…

Before I could say anything we were on my floor and I simply exited speechless I regret not having said anything.

I was truly shocked by this because I believed that our generation was better than this….I mean honestly people we have a president that supports gay marriage. Why can’t we see that everyone is a human being and no one deserves to be treated like that….

I do not and will not pretend to know that boy’s sexual orientation but I do know that no one should ever feel like being who they are is wrong. As Obama put it “No one in America should ever be afraid to walk down the street holding hands with the person they love.”

One thing that continues to plague my mind: this incident took place at a educational function. Have we not always been taught to uphold a safe learning environment? Why then is this student being picked on and compromising his security?

Regardless of his orientation, let’s take a glance at this from a psychological perspective. This student that was singled out recognized the simplest mechanism: fight or flight. I can assume the kid was of a mild mannered nature and did not want to cause trouble in such close quarters, so he chose the latter route of flight. He played, sadly, the role of the victim. My advice for N is to learn to stand up for himself eventually and never let bullies get to their head.

As for the group identified as the others, there is an obvious mob mentality at work here. People laughed because that’s what the general consensus was. That was the “cool” thing to do. The young men that were responsible for making the initial comments are not men at all, but insecure little boys that are in need of attention and take pride in making others feel uncomfortable. People like this have a place in the world, but it is not in functioning society where many forms of alternative living are present.

If you’re going to criticize somebody for something like their sexual orientation, put yourself in their shoes. For example, the way that it was best explained to me: if you are the only straight person at a party where majority of the people are gay or lesbian, and everyone is calling you out for being different. How are you going to feel?

Just food for thought.

-Alexa & Taylor


I cannot express the gloriousness that was this weekend. I’m in Phoenix for the Journalism Summer Institute and coincidentally on the weekend I had off The Maine was in town and some of my friends were going….I’ve been waiting two years to see The Maine because it just so happens that every time they tour here I’m out of town or without transportation but this time I was at the right place at the right time. The band played some of my favorite stuff from their old albums, did a Beatles cover, and I wasn’t in the mosh pit so I survived…so basically life was great. I also learned that my counselor Lina went to high school with Pat…yeah we have pretty cool people here at Cronkite….and although she couldn’t go to the show and tease him about an incident with an astronaut suit I have been annoying her all morning with the details of the concert. Another lucky accident the friend I was staying with this weekend is friends with the guys from Jocelyn so they came over, hung out with us for a while, and played us some of their new music which if I might add is great. Basically I’m still soaking up the awesomeness that was this weekend and hoping for more nights with great things that come out of nowhere.


I bought a CD because it was the only thing less than $30 and I’m cheap….but Garrett signed it so that was cool



I just wanted to express how great it was to go behind the scenes at the dbacks game and get an interview with ESPN en espanol

But since a picture is word a thousand words I leave you with this….

my experience?

This is the fifth day of the Summer Program at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and I could describe my experience in a million words but the one phrase that describes it all is ‘necessary chaos’.This program has taught me so much in such a little time I’ve learned not only in classes but with actual experience of making mistakes…a lot of them…learning to get better with every mistake and learn how to get the shot any way you can. There is so much to this business that I hadn’t realized before just like a story there is always a different angle and a different perspective but it all comes together somehow….

Basically I’ve had some amazing experiences that I would never have had without this program….I mean where else are you going to be thrown out to ask for random interviews on the street carrying  a SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLAR CAMERA….no pressure right?